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Debbie's Midwifery Ministry
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While Debbie mainly functions as a Home Birth Midwife, she is commited to helping birthing mothers in or out of the hospital. For more information, email her at:


We provide all prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum care. In addition to these services, we provide education, consultation, and support. We assist you by sharing our knowledge and understanding of natural birth and its normal variations. 


Prenatal Visits:

Prenatal visits are a time for us to get to know each other and your baby. We will address any questions / concerns you may have. Together we will work to create an environment conducive to natural birth. Fathers and siblings are encouraged to participate.



We will be there to help you have the birth you desire. Afterwards, we will make sure Mom and baby are happy, healthy & nourished. We provided immediate assistance with breastfeeding.



We will make home visits on the third and seventh day, (and at three weeks, if necessary), to make sure Mom and baby are doing well.  This may vary depending on the circumstances



Having the birth you desire is affordable!


We offer quality services at an exceptional price! $1,700.00 includes: all prenatal care, labor & delivery, and postpartum visits. We We offer the following payment plan: $250 due at first prenatal visit, half of remaining balance due by 20th week, with balance to be paid in full by the 37th week.  These terms may vary on an individual basis.

Questions? Comments? Drop us a line.