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Earth Birth Doula Services of Northern Nevada
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We offer Birth & Postpartum Doula services as well as, Independant Childbirth Education Classes, with a focus on Natural / Out of Hospital Birth.

Birth Doula Services Include:
*A no cost / obligation "get acquainted" interview
*Personalized attention from a woman educated and experienced in pregnancy, childbirth & breastfeeding
*Relevant prenatal, childbirth, newborn & baby care
*Assistance developing your birth plan
*Exercises for positioning baby for easier labor
*Relaxation & visualization exercises
*Phone support in early labor
*I will join you once labor is established at your request
*Tips for slow to start, long or difficult labor
*Reasurance, trust & encouragement
*Comfort measures
*Immediate postpartum breastfeeding assistance
*1 postpartum visit + extended resources by phone, email, and / or mail

For Information on Postpartum Doula Services, Independant Childbirth Education Classes or Fees, please contact us.

Contact Us

We provide service to the Northern Nevada area, as well as some areas of Northern California.