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Articles pertaining to childbirth, womens health & it's related professions.

*Each month the featured article(s) will change.

Featured Article(s) for January 2004: Affordable Parenting?

The following is not an actual article, but a post made by Jayne Bond on the Susun Weed's Wise Woman Forum. I enjoyed reading it, I hope you all do as well.

Post made by Jayne Bond

Hi WiseWomen,

Well it is hard for each of us to face trials every day, and for each of us there is a different measure and magnitude of what we are to face in order to teach us lessons. Jean has "asked" for this lesson in a way, to test the mettle of her soul, and being a wise woman I'm sure she will come through as long as her fear does not outweigh her faith. That's what it means to be a wise woman, to face your fears and overcome them. Goddess will carry her through these tough times and she will learn what it takes to be impeccable in her dealings and rise above all this.

My second point I would like to make is that one of the things all of us wise women learn from being parents is how to create harmony out of chaos, and it is this very virtue we need to take from the microcosm of our lives and apply it to the macrocosm of the world we live. In other words wise woman should understand that as the Patriarchal culture starts to awaken we need to incorporate our knowledge with theirs, not take an us vs. them attitude, frankly that will get us nowhere.

Heroic tradition is what I like to call WAR medicine because it was created by men. They only deal with the problem when it has reached its extreme point of showing its nasty head of disease. The Wise Woman way is mostly preventitive and optimizing health BEFORE you become ill. Once you become ill then herbalist try and maximize your own personal immune system's abilities by evaluating what things in your diet you are missing and then adding these in the form of pure extracts. We need to hybridize what we have learned with WAR medicine in the form of taking action and our Wise Woman traditions in order to advance our healing knowledge in the 21st century.

Pills of herbs don't work, maybe psychosomatically they do, but making an extract of an herb removes the essential oil, the vitamins and minerals, the alkaloids, whatever the specific element we are looking for into a simple, digestible form our body, by virtue of evolving consuming plant matter, allready knows how to process, and pills can't mimic this. Why can't they, because pills take the whole plant and crush it up- no extraction. Do herbalists just go out and eat a root or a plant right off the tree, no we use chemical menstrum to EXTRACT the medicine we want from the plant. In addition, most of you know that with many plants it is just the root, just the leaves, or a specific part of the flower that we harvest, and even at a specific point in their lifecycle. (ie. you don't harvest burdock root after the burdock plant has seeded right?) This is the problem with Pharmacopia is they are trying to just jump on the bandwagon without taking the time to comprehend what the eons of wise women tradition have already learned through trial.

Let's face it, most of WAR medicine comes from plants but in order to regulate the billions of dollars Pharmacopia makes they can't allow everyone to know this, they want you to think you need a doctor (an aristocrat of the Patriarchy) and a pharmacist. Just think, if they allowed cannibis to be grown and legal that would put out of business: Adivil, Tylenol, Pamprin and all cramp and pain medications of this type which are functional group molecular derivatives of cannibis molecule. They don't want to give the power to the people because they can't profit from it. Ignorance is the tool of the Patriarchy in order to channel the wealth into the aristocracy of capitalism. So the best thing you can do is realize this and become a wise woman.

Teach yourself about how to make tinctures, and use your imagination women seem to have more of. For example flavor them with sugar and make ice-pops for your kids if they don't like them, or try using the tincture water in place of the water in Jello and make gelatin cubes for easy swallowing. Take the best of both the WAR and Wise Woman ways to make yourself, your family and any who are so lucky to have you in their circle healthy.


Susan Weed's site is full of great information, check it out!

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