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Poems by Lisa Lynn Fuimaono-McDonald

All poems Copyright Lisa Lynn Fuimaono-McDonald

A Woman's Mantra

Woke up today filled with self doubt
Why do I let others do that to me?
I shouldn't be ashamed of the image in the mirror
Why don't those others see?
All the little comments, the judgmental things add to the doubt
I know I should pay them no mind
And just tune it out
But in this Babylonian society in which we live, the woman's natural form
Goes against the socialistic desired norm
What exactly is ideal?
And if it's not me, then how should I feel?
Of what of being a woman and a mother?
I will not conform to this circle of self-hate!
"A nip and tuck here and everything will be great"!
Tell me, why is it that the male dominated medical world has so much power?
Because we've allowed them to slice and dice ours away
From our breast, hips and thighs, they've sucked it out of us!
Removed the things that make us womanly and replaced our sacredness with false idols!
Why is it that they treat us like "Gods mistake"?
Demeaning our looks, lives and births taking all they can take!
Well I tell you what, my answer is No!
No I say!
I will not have another self-doubting day
For I am a woman
A woman of beauty, intellect, strength and power
I will not let them turn my self-esteem sour
So to all the earth mothers out there, take a stand!
Let the Babylonians know over you, they do not command!
You are a woman of beauty, intellect, strength and power!
Make this your mantra, in your meditative hour.

Copyright 2003 Lisa Lynn Fuimaono-McDonald

Meeting Letemi

Woke up in the middle of the night
I can't sleep
Is this the night we'll finally meet?
I sit still and ponder
I feel you move
I couldn't be fonder
Of you my little angel
The feeling is electric
I'm excited, nervous, anxious
The rushes are getting stronger
I lay down to rest
You nudge me from within
You put me to the test
I ride the waves
I'm doing just fine
You'll be here in just a moments time
I rise and arrive at the waters edge, just as mine releases
I reach down
I feel you crown
I'm submerged
In one uncontrollable moment
You come in to the world
Daddy catches you
We meet
Skin to skin
Mouth to breast
I'm holding you
Your skin I caress
You are here!
I'm so happy!
Everything took place the way it was meant to be!

Harry James

My little protector
My first born son
Sometimes I forget
You're still a little one
We're growing up together
Each and everyday
I love you more and more
In each and every way
Sometimes I regret
The way that I treat you
You are so big and strong
I forget you're only two
My little man I love you
You are my best little friend
Sometimes we fuss and fight, like sister and brother
But we both know, we love and need each other
Remembering the elation I felt when I found I was with child
I was so very happy, and a little nervous too
I felt I didn't deserve you
And didn't know what to do
I carried you inside me
And kept you safe and warm
Then it came time for you to be born
You came fast, you came quick, you were gentle with me
A sweet, calm, carmel colored child
Beautiful as can be
With you a new person was born
I am evolving, growing with you
I am a Mommy
I am learning through you.


Rich soil
Ready for planting
Fertile earth
Seed sprouts
Small and delicate
Leaves grow
Changing day by day
Up, up
Finnaly a flower emerges

Finding The Light
My journey through PPD

Venturing out beyond the black abyss
Finally seeing the light
It's been a long journey
Then in just one night
Something changed
The horizon became new
No more dark and dreary
But beautiful and bright
With just a simple phrase
Such a drastic change
Becoming whole once more
Not the same ... better
Opening a new door
It's amazing
After such a long night
I never imagined the sun could be so bright!


Dedicated to my Son, Harry James McDonald; born October 16, 1999.

I've been blessed with the most beautiful child
Big bright eyes, olive skin
Hair curly and wild
The sweetest, most kind person I know
So very smart
It's amazing
In his short time on earth
He's learned so much
Watching him grow
I feel such a rush
I don't deserve this little boy
How did he get sent to me?
There must be a mix-up
Or maybe he was sent
To show me the way
We've grown up together
He's guided me on my journey, from child to young woman and mother
I love this little person so much
Could I live without him?
So God I must thank you, for your love
I found you, through this child, you sent from above

Why I'm Proud Of The Way I Birthed My Babies

I'm proud of the way I birthed my babies
It shows I am strong
It shows I have the ability
I proved them all wrong
I am beautiful, I am healthy, I am wise
I was strong enough to reject that which I despise
No meds,no intervention
Just my will, my power
No checking for dilation hour after hour
I was not strapped down like some "crazy" person
I was free as a bird, free like the breeze
Free to move about as I pleased
No icy torture
But crackers and tea
No one saying, no food for me
No devilish Doctor violating me for procedure... protocol
I can birth by myself without "help"
No instruments of abuse
No hospital to harm me
The sword of evil will never sever my womanhood
I educated myself
Learning all that I could
For all these reasons
And many more, I am proud!
I am proud, I am proud, I am proud!!!
I am not afraid to say it out loud
I will tell it to eveyone I see
This should be the experience of eveyone, not just me.


Dedicated to my Midwife and friend Deborah A. Harmon of Fernley, NV

Always there... with woman
Through the seasons
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Caring... Loving
Knowing when to call
Giving knowledge and support
Being a true friend
With woman
She feels safe when you are near
Helping her to erase her fears
There through the crowning moment
To the very end
Gifted... Glorious

All poems Copyright 2002 Lisa Lynn Fuimaono-McDonald