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Earth Birth Doula Services of Northern Nevada
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We support family centered childbirth!

"Birth the way mother nature intended"

Earth Birth Doula Services... helping you have the birth you wish for.

What Is A Doula?

The word "doula" comes from the Greek word for the important female slave or servant in the ancient Greek household. The word has come to reffer to "a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support before durring and just after childbirth."

*Recognizes birth as a key life experience
*Understands the needs of a mother in labor
*Assist in preparation for birth and carrying out of the mother's (and partner's) birth plan
*Stays by the woman's side throught the entire labor
*These are just a few things a Doula does. Please see: Our Services & Advantages Of Using A Doula.

Why Use A Doula?
In order to have a positive birth experience, most women need continuous labor support. Although Obstetrical Nursesare experienced in dealing with a laboring mother's emotional and physical needs, they can seldom guarantee the support they provide will last throught the labor - especially in hospital settings where shift changes, coffee breaks, heavy paperwork and busy nights regularly occur. Some OB nurses handle up to six laboring  couples at a time. Midwives may be able to offer more labor support, but they too have clinical duties to wich they must attend.


"Breast Is Best"!
For information or help with breast feeding contact La Leche Leauge.


Advantages Of Using A Doula
*50% reduction in use of C - Section
*25% decrease in length of labor
*30% decrease in use of forceps
*40% decrease in use of pitocin
*60% decrease in use of epidurals
*30% decrease in use of pain meds. (narcotics)
*Greater maternal satisfaction
*Faster bonding
*Easier to establish breast feeding
*Decreased risk of postpartum depression

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Pregnancy is beautiful!

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